Hey :)

Hey!, I am a new fan and I’m going to see you in October when you come to Belfast! :)   i tried to go onto the VIP packages but everytime I click the link it keeps saying “nothing available in this section”. Does that mean i probably wont be able to meet you guys?….  :’(

——- TO ANWER YOUR QUESTION: If a VIP experience will be available for that show date it will be announced beforehand and the website will be updated with the proper links and info! I hope that helps answer your question!

ok so this is really about @fhfamily members and the amazing support they can show just because we love the same amazing band. Today was literally the worst day of my life. My husbands grandfather had a heart attack three weeks ago and I have spent the majority of my time off in the hospital room with him despite the fact that I work in the same hospitals ER and I’m always there anyways. That was fairly taxing but its worth it to support his family. However, today my brother in laws grandfather lost his battle with cancer. Two hours later my grandmother was diagnosed with stage four lung and bone cancer. On top of all of that she is going to be evicted from her home in three days so I will spend my weekend moving everything I can from her house to storage before she looses her home. Needless to say I’m kind of struggling right now and just needed some moral support after spending all day dealing with others tragedies and then confronting my own.  An hour ago I sent a simple tweet with a short explanation of what was going on in my life. Within minuets  my @fhfamily (those who live near me and don’t know me personally but we still talk on twitter or facebook due to our shared obsession with the band) bombarded me with love and support. That’s why this fan base is so special. I needed this today and am so blessed to be a part of this special group. I love you my FHFAMILY. I may not know you. I may never meet you. But our love and devotion to this band somehow brought so many of you together that I was able to reach out when everyone around me is hurting to find the support I needed. #FHfans you are literally the best in the world!

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